IMAP Attachment Downloader

IMAP Attachment Downloader Tool, a great solution to download IMAP Server all attachments associated with emails. Desired or all attachments from IMAP Server are smoothly downloaded on local system by the help of this professional tool. Provide any IMAP Server login details and download IMAP email attachments.

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Benefits & features to download IMAP attachments

Download all attachments from IMAP account

Use IMAP Attachment Downloader Tool and download all attachments from IMAP Server to your local system. Simply enter valid login details in the provide boxes on the software screen and the software downloads IMAP Server email attachments to user-selected location without any hassles.

Multiple IMAP Server are supported

All IMAP-enabled accounts are supported by the tool to download their attachments to local system. You are free to download attachments from all IMAP Servers like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Office 365, Yahoo, and others. With proper internet connectivity, attachments can be downloaded from any IMAP-enabled account.

Desired attachments downloading from IMAP Server

Once you provide login information of IMAP Server, the software ask users to select folder of IMAP account from which you want to download attachments to local system. You need to choose a particular folder or all folders as per your needs to download IMAP Server attachments to your system.

Option to choose attachment format

Selective attachments types are downloaded from IMAP account without any problems. Users can choose all files, DOC, PDF, XLS, or any format of attachments to download them. Users have the option of manually entering attachment format to download from IMAP Server as per their requirements.

Assurance of no data loss at all

You don't need to worry about any attachment file during the complete process. The software is fully safe to use. Neither it losses your database nor disclose IMAP Server account details to anyone while downloading attachments from IMAP Server. Users can completely rely on this smart program.

Independent and smart tool

IMAP Server Attachment Downloader Software is fully independent. It does not demand for any extra app installation on your system to use it. Moreover, it is designed in a manner that users will not encounter any problem in handling it. It self-describe all steps for smart and comfortable downloading of IMAP attachments.

Simple steps to download IMAP attachments

To download IMAP Server attachments, go through the below steps –

Step 1
imap attachments
Install the software

Download and install IMAP Attachment Downloader Software on your local system. After this, launch the program to start the process.

Step 2
download attachments from imap
Introduce IMAP Server details

Fill IMAP Server details in the provided boxes and click on Authenticate Me button for successful connection establishment.

Step 3
choose backup option
Select attachments to download

Choose folder and attachment type first. Then, use the Browse button to mention location for saving the downloaded attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the steps to download IMAP attachments –

  1. Install and Launch IMAP Attachment Downloader Tool.
  2. Enter login details of IMAP Server.
  3. Select folder to export IMAP attachments.
  4. Choose desired formats of attachments.
  5. Mention a path to save the downloaded attachments.
  6. Hit Export Attachments Now button to start downloading attachments from IMAP Server.

Yes, users have the option of selecting Excel (XLS/XLSX) format and hence desired format attachments from IMAP Server are downloaded by the tool.

Yes, the software is fully installable on all the newer and older versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others.

No, the software is fully safe and reliable. No login information of user accounts is saved in its cache memory while users use this program.

Yes, a free demo of IMAP Server Attachment Downloader Tool is offered for evaluating the performance before users apply for the license version. However, this comes with limited attachment downloading option.

Yes, the program allows users to choose all or selected folders from IMAP account to download attachments to local system.

The time consumption depends on the number of attachments and speed of internet. However, the software is designed to work in a fast manner.

You are free to choose any path of your system where you want to download IMAP Server attachments. After completing the process, you can get attachments to the specified location.

Yes, a speedy and proper internet connection is required to use the software.

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